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Default Installing 3rd party apps?

I would like to be able to install 3rd party apps to the Zen Touch 2 - such as CoPilot Live GPS Navigation. Is this possible? I know that it doesn't have Android Market, but wondering if you can install apps from APK file from microSD card.
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If you can find the app online, then all you have to do is copy it to the Touch-2 (with GPS) APK folder. Any app put in there will install when the Touch-2 is unhooked from USB.
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Bumping this thread for renewed interest. The Amazon AppStore app works fine on the Touch-2. The market apps listed in the D3's app store thread here also work.
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Speaking of third-party apps, does anyone know of a reason why they might refuse to install - or be blocked from installing, for that matter?

I ask mainly because I've been trying to install a couple third-party apps - including a copy of the Android port of Firefox - and I consistently get one of the following two error messages (which one I get seems to be dependent on whether or not there's a microSD card in the expansion slot):

Without microSD card - "Failed to install"
With microSD card - "Application not installed"
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