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Originally Posted by mcfirst View Post
Intent is to force the player into a mode compatible with my car. Sacrificing micro-sd for this is a small price - especially that i have 16gig device.

P.S. The change should be reversible anyway...

Cor, you're lucky. I never understood why in France they didn't sell the 16GB. I tried it in the car but using the aux in with the headphone jack. Quality wasn't brilliant, partly because the cable I've got is not a very good one. I suppose you're going through the USB, are you? I don't have a USB connection in the car and I don't like unplugging my headphones for fear of the jack coming loose (happened once on a K7 Walkman that I had in the '90's!) so I won't be repeating that too soon!

This makes me think - do you take requests?
Is it too early to start saying I want my R0: to be able to display album art with Flacs, have gapless play, have a quicker start up (especially after disconnecting from the computer? Why does it turn off after updating the library?), make coffee ... ? Oh, dam,I've said it!
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