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Default My Denon AH-C551's Died. Suggestions?

Hi All,

As it says above, my beautiful denon's have given up the ghost, and I'm on the market for some new IEM's.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment (as is half the world it seems ), so I'm looking nearer the budget end of the spectrum right now.

I've only been looking a little while, but for ~£20 (I'm in England, so for you guys over the pond, around $40) my best bets seem to be:

  • Creative EP-630 (as recommended on ABi here)
  • Sennheiser CX-400 II (although I'm not sure I like the in-line volume control)
  • Sennheiser CX-500 (Seem to be able to get them from Amazon 3rd Party for ~£15)
Can anybody recommend one over the others? Or indeed is there an obvious choice I've neglected to mention?

But, for now, I'm stuck with the stock earbuds from my Clip+...

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Have you checked to see if the death issue is from the 3.5mm jack or one/both iem housings. My guess is that it's the jack if both are not working and a jack replacement is easy and cheap, just a thought.

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Unfortunately, I don't think it's the jack it looks in good condition (no cracks or anything) and the left phone works fine, but the right one is very quiet. As in so quiet I need to turn up to near max to be able to hear anything out of it. I'm guessing I damaged the membrane sometime, although I'll never work out how...
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