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Originally Posted by InspectorMustache View Post
Hey everyone!

My Denon DH-1001 broke and now I'm looking for some new portable headphones for my J3. Since I'm on the train quite often, I need phones that are rather isolated (that's 'closed style', right?). I never tried IEMs before and therefore briefly considered those, but since I'm kinda uncomfortable with having stuff shoved into my ears, I guess I prefer headphones. Price range should be around 150-200 Euros.

I really loved my DH-1001s. Before that I had the much cheaper Sennheiser PX-100 & PX-200. The PX-100 sounded okay, I guess, but the PX-200's sound was a little too bright and crisp for my taste.

Oh, and I mostly listen to: punkrock, indiestuff, folkpop/-punk, some hardcore, some postrock, a little metal and a lot of 90s-emo/screamo-stuff.

Alright, thanks in advance for any help and I hope that the fact that I signed up mainly to ask for help with new phones isn't something that's frowned upon.
hello. why not seek through forums first? try sticky ones.
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