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Default New 8G Clip+ has less capacity than old 8G ClipV2?!

Here's an interesting one:

For my b'day I got a new 8 gig Clip+ to replace my aging Clip of nominally same capacity. I didn't even bother to format the internal memory, which had been necessary on the old one after a firmware upgrade. Only after I had loaded it with music did I notice that the new device has about 0.3 GiB less space than the old one, 7.35 GiB vs. 7.62 GiB. Manufacturing dates for SD08G according to Rockbox are 12/2010 and 11/2008, respectively, with #blocks = 0x00EBF00 vs. 0x00F0C00.

So what's up? Did they increase the level of redundancy in general (which would be OK by me, given that I had some issues with bit rot on the old one), or does that particular chip just have more bad blocks which had to be excluded?

How big is your 8G Clip(+)?
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IIRC the firmware file is larger than the old one......presumably to handle the microsdhc handling, and slightly improved equalizer in the OF, etc. Given the card slot, it's no big deal, IMO.
My two Clip+ both show up as 7.36GB capacity.
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Sure the firmware may be a little larger, but we're talking hundreds of megs of difference here. Fortunately it wasn't an issue for me.

Anyway, seems like my Clip+'s capacity is normal then - that's reassuring to know.

My guess is that they became aware of the bit rot issues and decided to give the flash memory some more spare blocks to work with.
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Bit rot issues? Have a link to that?
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I speculate that some of the "memory" loss is to allow a larger database, ie more files on the player.

Also, folder browsing would require some extra code.

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I noticed that my 8GB Clip+ has slightly less capacity than my 8GB Fuze v2.

The Fuze shows 7,994,944 KB total disk space, and the Clip+ shows 7,714,816 KB total disk space. That's about 274MB less for the Clip+.
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capacity, clip+, internal memory

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