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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd update you all with my Fuze+ ownership experience, just in case you're interested.

After 4 months of general enjoyment punctuated by frustration with the controls, unresponsiveness and loading times, my Fuze+ went back early last week. The reason being that something within the headphone socket came loose and the sound kept cutting out in the left headphone. were happy to take it back as it was still under warranty, but were unable to replace it as they no longer stock the 16GB model. So I used the refund to buy a refurbished 8GB Fuze from Amazon marketplace. After about 5 minutes of use I can tell it's a superior player, and I'm content to lose some memory in exchange for better ease of use.

Anyway that's where I'm at. I'm glad they didn't have any replacement stock for the Fuze+!
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different people with different tastes.
I am glad that Sandisk listen to people and providing firmwares.
Like Grez I am okay with Fuze+'s touch pad and hoping that it will be fine tuned in near future.
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