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Cool monster turbine or monster beats

im having hard time to decide between monster turbine and monster beats by dr dre tour. my music source are cowon j3 and iphone 4, my old earphone was sony xb40ex which provide sweet bass and sound stage while i listen music and watch movies on both device. can anyone out there give me some advice to choose between these 2 earphones? seems like both of these phones are sounds similar, but how about the build quality? i saw some posts complained how easy to make turbine broken, but why it still sell alot in the market? any opinion?
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Heya...not sure this helps so much, but to answer one of your questions, the Monster line sells well IMO primarily because of significant and effective marketing/advertising.

I have listened to the Beats Dr. Dre and was wholly unimpressed. The sound was completely bass oriented, yes, but to my ears, is muddy, lacking definition and speed and the low end completely obscures the rest of the sonic spectrum. Build quality was meh IMO, especially for the price.

Really, the only Monster stuff I have heard and kinda liked are the Miles Davis Tributes. The regular turbines were OK but not as crisp to my ears as the Davis ones.

Still, I won't ever buy a pair of Monsters because, while I could, I think the value for the money is very poor. There are far "better" phones to my ears that are also much more reasonably priced IMO.

Look here for a start:

Caveat emptor - I ain't no expert, just a guy who has a good idea about what he likes and doesn't like to hear in phones.

Others will chime in I am sure...

cheers and good luck,
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Look here:

And while you're at it, try to get the mainstream stuff out of your head. Simply looking at reviews on Amazon or eBay isn't going to give you the most balanced view on performance. Browse through the stickied threads in this board for more objective reviews. You want bass? One favourite among abi members is the Hippo VB.
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