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Just out of curiosity, did you ever notify Cowon of this problem? I mean did you actually go to their Support web site and submit a ticket, describing the problem?

In passing, I mention that I myself (and probably others as well) actually reported the very two problems with 2.24 that actually got fixed in 2.25, by submitting tickets there. Cowon responded to my ticket on their site, and sure enough now we have 2.25 where those very two problems got fixed.

If Cowon doesn't know there's a problem, they don't know they have to fix something.

Had they known in advance of the bug in all likelihood they wouldn't have issued the software with it still present... it would have been fixed in the development cycle. So it's up to us users to tell them about defects that they didn't discover for themselves, but which were discovered by users "in the field". Very often users will do things that the developers never dreamed of, or perhaps just accidentally push things in a way that the Cowon testers just didn't stumble into. That's why it's still a "bug"... which not every user runs into (just like Cowon's testers didn't run into it).

You should open a ticket on the Cowon (Global) web site and describe the problem. Once they know about it they will no doubt research it and fix it.

You click on Support, register, then use the "Q&A" link, and then click on the "List of Questions" link to see your previous threads to/from them. You click on "WRITE" to submit a new ticket. It's a very rudimentary non-thread-like interface, and you can't really "edit" what you've previously submitted. But it does at least allow sending them information and problem reports especially for software issues.
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