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I`ve been using pfe 112 for about a year and a half, and now the cable seems to be completely broken... in 4 (!!!) different places. I tried to fix it with different stuff. But after two months of everyday usage, now they a barely dead So it`s time to think about new ones. 1,5 years ago I was choosing between PFE`s and IE 8. And decided to buy Phonak (thanks to the review). I really like how they sound and it seems to me they fit quite fine to the music I listen-rock/punk rock, nu metal, alternative, metal, rapcore.

So now I`m confused. I know IE8 are great IEMs too. And 232 are gonna be great, no doubt. Before PFE 112 I had IE 4 and also liked them a lot too.
What you suggest ? Should I wait for 232 or give IE 8 a chance ?
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