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Default voip on an archos.

they have WIFI they have a browser they audio in and audio out so is there a hack out there or is Archos thinking of implementing it? This options is the only thing holding me back from upgrading from my gmini 402. Also why haven't they done something as simple as FM?

p.s. I'm new to the forum (not to the site) so if this has been talked about to great length I apologies. Its just that this seems like an obvious move for Archos or hackers.
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I know I'm late to the party, but I've got an old Archos, and when I looked at the prices on what they call I about had a heart attack, so I'm going to dive in and try and hack voip onto it.

I vaguely recall seeing something about this, a year or two back, so I've been searching and this is what I've found if anyone else is interested:

I'll try and keep updates coming on my progress. Most of the hacks seem to involve installing linux first, so we'll see if that's the best route or not.

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Default Archos V7 and VoIP

I just got a new Archos, the 7v to be exact. I was checking out VoIP Phones***link to commercial site removed*** but the prices are ridiculous, so I'm hacking my new Archos to put Voice over Internet Protocol on it.

Archos 3s Home Connect The latest on the Archos; it has become the house smart phone!!! But still trying to figure out how to connect my VoIP provider to it. Any ideas?

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