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Old 03-18-2011, 02:34 PM
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Help IEM advice & thoughts on Beyer Dynamic DTX 101


After much procrastination, I'm finally ready to get some IEMs and so I thought I'd get some suggestions here before making my final decision.

Here's some info on my usage and requirements:

Price Range: 50 to 80 GBP (inc. VAT)
Type/Design: IEM
Primary location of use: Almost exclusively for outdoor use (sometimes in noisy environments e.g. traffic or on trains)
Isolation: Preferably good out of the box, but I am prepared to change tips (Comply etc.)
Wear Style: I much prefer straight down, although having the option to wear over the ear would be nice.
Durability: To be used when jogging, skating etc. so needs to be hard-wearing and durable (particularly the cable & strain relief).
Source: Sansa Fuze v2 (won't really be used with any other sound sources)
Media: 320kbps MP3, FLAC formats. Mainly dance related music: DnB, Deep House, UK Garage, Grime, Niche, Jazz funk.

Sound Signature: I'm no audiophile (which is pretty obvious given the sound source that I'm using) so I only have quite a general idea of the kind of sound I like. Main turn-offs for me are anything that sounds harsh, brittle, aggressive or fatiguing (because I do tend to listen for extended periods of time). I don't like overly bright, "splashy", "tizzy" or sibilant treble and I will happily sacrifice a bit of treble quantity (not quality) for mid-range clarity, even if it makes the overall sound a bit "warm".

I do like very clear and detailed lower mids (~ 350Hz) because I like chord progressions and "pad" sounds to stand out. Bass is important given the type of music that I'll be listening to, but I'm not a basshead. The quality of bass is more important to me than amount. My main concern is that bass levels don't end up inducing listener fatigue by being overly thumpy and booming. I also don't want boxy sounding bass that drowns out the mids. However, I would still like the bass to have sufficient fullness and extension so that deep basslines are not missing altogether (which often happens on cheap or small headphones when listening to DnB tracks).

Overall I'm looking for something that's quite easy on the ears, enjoyable and flattering rather than being brutally accurate.

Aesthetics: Unfortunately aesthetics are a consideration for me. I like discreet headphones; so no garish / bright colours, weird shapes or long protrusions that cause the device to stick too far out of the ear (the shallower the better).

My initial investigations have got me looking at the Beyer Dynamic DTX 101 but I've not been able to find any comments on this site about it (or even its predecessor the DTX 100).

In addition to any general recommendations, if anyone has any experience with either of these Beyers then I'd be very interested to hear your comments.

Thanks everyone

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