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Originally Posted by unionjack37 View Post
^Kill joy. ragingdaemon. And why do you post on these threads if all you have to say is "sell your ZuneHD it sucks buy a better device"? We're not all dumb and think the ZuneHD is the only pmp out there. We just like it better than other pmps.
He's a troll. But seriously we already know about others, since this site is based on anything but apple. For example cowon D3. Now the custom eq, android app, and all that is nice, but I watched the vid on how slow it was compared to the zhd and it was a huge cutback, also the battery is something that is a cutback too. The interface is ok compared to the zune imo(different interfaces cater to different people) and the colors seem to be a bit more vibrant. I'm not fond of apps. But the biggest problem is actually getting the thing since it is not officially in the states and the price is too much for 32gigs. I'll pass, but it caters to a certain group of people, just like sansa(which I own one also). The Samsung Galaxy is basically a smartphone without a phone in android form. Doesn't do anything special or different to the phone line(like zune and cowon). I might actually call it and ipod touch knock off with android, since they look incredibly similar

But when it comes to eq, it is more likely possible for somebody to make an eq app. If we could make an album shuffle, and e-reader app, with audiosurf, wlm then we are bound to make a eq app since there are third party eq apps for android, ios, etc. Its just that is anybody willing to make one for the zune. Who knows maybe the next batch might have eq or some guy on zuneboards would develop this in openzdk or xna.
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