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First off, have you read the reviews of these two devices on this site? They're fantastic sources of information and very well done. Although one word to the wise about them, I'm not sure about the J3, but the ZuneHD has gotten several updates since that review and a lot of wrinkles have been ironed out, as well as some codec support added (primarily XViD). So, here are the links for the reviews:

Also, Wifi. Zune's got it (albeit not in the capacity that a lot of people would like) while the J3 lacks it altogether. As for the J3's interface, I know that it is highly customizable, and that there is one that was said to be very similar to the HD's. As for codec support, the J3 trounces the HD (nearly full lists of codecs supported on each are in the reviews above). You also need to understand that that battery life for the J3 is exaggerated. That is the rated battery life, as Cowon found it to be using unrealistically low quality for the files and the dimmest setting etc. I have no experience with the J3, but the HD gets me through the day with more than enough battery and I just charge it overnight. What you said about sound quality is true, the J3 is better than the HD, although only through it's BBE enhancements and custom EQ. I'm not saying the sound on the HD is bad, you just have to realize that if you're used to having a good EQ, you'll miss it with the HD.

Ultimately, I think you should read those reviews I posted because these guys really know what they're talking about.

Much luck,
- Justin
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