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And yet they ALL show up completely when browsing through Browser -> [Folders]. That is how you're browsing, right?
Yep. I don't look at any other way to find my music except this method.

not MTC as you stated above, which was probably just a typo and you meant the default MSC and not the alternative MTP
Yeo, a typo. My bad.

Well, let's not overlook the possibility that something in "the most recent firmware" (2.24) is responsible for you problem.
Before I updated to 2.24 I used the default installed 2.23 and still had the issue so I'm guessing its not a firmware bug.

All of my FLAC files have a .flac extension, not .fla. No files have .fla as their extension.

Yeah, its weird huh? Actually, what gave me the idea of doing this was a post over at the Cowon forums where somebody said they were having the same issue as me with the same unit. Someone suggested they change it to .fla and for the guy having problems it worked. Here's the thread . Granted, he was using older firmware from back in July ...

I still would like you to back off, to 2.23, in a freshly formatted J3.
A good idea and something I'll probably do in the future, especially once I pick up a external microSD card. A pain in the arse to have to rename every flac file so reformatting is something I'll do. But hey - at least for now it works. When the time comes I'll take your suggestion to use the proper program to reformat and I'll use Beyond Compare to see if that helps with sync as I just simply dragged & dropped using Windows Explorer.

Satellite 6 said:

Not acceptable? It's the more sensible choice. . . .

I didn't buy a $320.00 Cdn DAP that supports flac to listen to strictly mp3's. Remember, its an algorithm and is far from perfect. Please save the flac vs. mp3 for another thread.

Thanks again DSperber!

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