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Yeah this is bizarre indeed. Mp3's work fine. No issues whatsoever. I have a couple thousand put on the player and everything works and is intact. As for the flacs I tried putting on different rips from different sources (we don't need to get into that) and all of them are not showing up. Some have tagging. Some do not. Some with proper tagging and some with wrong tagging. But like you say they should be showing up regardless. And I've never had this issue before with foobar on the pc, the iRiver DAP or any other software/hardware with these same flacs. Its almost like the player doesn't support flac but we know it does.

I would like to think they're broken in some way but they are not (at least I would find the answer to this issue).

The funny thing is I can play the flac using foobar when the J3 hooked up to the pc. So the flac is in the J3. Everything looks good this way. But when I safely disconnect & restart the player I see the music folder (in this case Sheryle Crow - Greatest Hits 2003 FLAC), it takes up HD space but I can't choose a song because there isn't any showing within it.

I know its gotta be something silly that this isn't working. I'm transferring files using MTC mode. Mp3 files have all transferred & work correctly. Upgraded to the most recent firmware.

I'm really scratching my head over this. But again, thanks a lot for your help as its helping me understand this a lot more. Perhaps someone else can chime in if they have seen this issue.

It's also not the end of the world - I can convert my flacs to mp3 VBR 0. Thank god the Lame decoder is actually quite good these days.

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