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You start at the top, you navigate down through the music folder structure you've created on your J3 (typically stored under the \Music root folder), and you will simply be moving through EVERYTHING on your J3. 100% of the files will be listed and visible (full file name plus extension), and any of them can be tapped to start playing.
So what your saying is when I use the folder way of finding/playing my music I should have no issues with flacs being displayed, tagged or not. Well then I have a problem because using this method I see no flacs. I see the album folder, I see the artwork, I see any text files if there is any but I don't see the flac. This is how I want to view/play my music - I don't want to use tagging and never use it but I was getting the impression that I needed tags even when in folder mode. So something is really strange here.

I'll keep poking around and see what I can come up with. Thanks D for taking the time to explain all this.
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