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Hi, thanks for the awesome reply. I tried your mp3tag program and to say the truth I'm having some issues trying to retag my flacs. Perhaps you could take the time to explain this to me as simply as possible.

Or, if you could say how you thought you had stored an ID3 tag into a FLAC file, I'm curious to know what you used to make that happen?

EAC. By default it adds ID3 tags to flac files. Its a known "bug" (even though its not really a bug) and needs to be deselected upon install or later on in the options but most people don't. More information about this can be found around the net.

Unfortunately, there is a bug with the 2.24 firmware specifically relating to album art for newly added music files... NOT being detected correctly at boot time.

I'm not much into the album art so this won't affect me nor lyrics. Thanks though for the heads up.

Yeah - so all I need is a simple tutorial on how to change tags and make flacs work on the J3. This is turning into a nightmare as i was hoping that the J3 would be as flexible as the iRiver. It read by folder and whether the track had proper tagging or not I never once in 3 years had an issue with a 16/44 flac not playing. So a little help in using mp3tag would be much appreciated.



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