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Old 03-11-2011, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by log View Post
Hello everyone,
Welcome to ABI.

I would like to be able to access a full listing of my music collection.

Here are the way I found so far :

1- On main menu click on browser icon
2 - click on "root" icon on the bottom / left
3 - click on folder
4 - Try to remember wich albums ( over 250 ) I put on the internal / external storage, choose one of two solution
5 - Click on music
=> access partial list ( clearely not the best solution )


1- On main menu click on browser icon
2 - then click on "root" icon on the bottom / left
3 - click on either [album] ( assuming that everything is properly tagged ) or [playlists]
Both of these approaches are based on using the Browser icon, which is a technique like Windows Explorer and presents subsequent lists of songs in alphabetical order by external file name. The extension to that external file name is also shown, e.g. MP3, FLAC, etc.

As you've observed, the Browser method (aka [Folders] in the alternative Music method) also requires that you navigate down through either internal storage [J3] or external storage [J3 Ext], which also requires that you remember how you've organized your music collection. In my own J3 situation (32GB+32GB), I've divided it into two "halves", A-J artist on internal storage and K-Z artist on external storage.

But using the Browser (aka [Folders]) method clearly has its consequences and restrictions. On the other hand, some of the other features of the J3 (e.g. the ability of ALL to progress through all of your album folders, either randomly or sequentially) REQUIRE that you be browsing for music using the Browser/[Folders] method rather than the Music/tag method.

Assuming your music collection has tags in all files (with meta-data in either ID3, APE, or FLAC tag format), if you really want to view your ENTIRE collection at one time then you should use the Music icon from the main menu to get started, not the Browser icon.

The Music icon starts a browsing mechanism which uses the database built by the J3 at boot time from all of the tags on all of the music files stored on BOTH internal and external storage. The database IS your complete music collection on the J3.

Since this database is tag-based, you can browse through the database using the tag field values... such as [Albums], [Genres], [Years], [Artists] and [Songs]. The lists presented will include music files located anywhere on the J3, and will show the tag-field Song name (not the external file name, which may be the same or different depending on how diligent you've been in creating your tags). The lists will NOT display the file name extension (e.g. MP3, APE, FLAC), since the extension is only part of the external file name information and is not relevant inside of the tag field Song data item.

So, if you want to see ALL of your songs (based on Song names inside of tags), start from the Music icon on the main menu. The first time you do this it will present a title bar of Library, with a list of available database categories of [Folders], [Artists], [Albums], [Songs], [Genres], [Years], etc.

If you're already playing something tap on the "lines/list" icon at the left of the blue title bar at the top of the "player mode" screen presentation. This will revert to a list-mode presentation with the 5-button control sub-menu at the bottom of the screen. The left-most of these 5-buttons is the "root" button and if you tap on it you'll immediately go back to that initial Library presentation with the list of database sub-categories I provided above.

Or, you can tap on the 2nd button from the left on the control sub-menu, which is the "back" button. Tapping on this button will pop you back up just one folder level from where you currently are (which is playing a track, likely inside of an album folder inside of an artist folder, but wherever you are it will pop you back up one folder level... until you get back to that original highest-level list of available sub-categories under Library).

Now, remember that when you start browsing using the Music icon (i.e. tag-based browsing of the database of tag field values), all of your subsequent playing of music will NOT facilitate the "ALL" functionality of the J3, which progresses through your entire music collection either sequentially or randomly.

ALL is truly "ALL" as documented only when browsing using either (a) Browser -> [J3] or [J3 Ext], etc., or (b) Music -> [Folders]. These are all like true Windows Explorer navigations, and are based on external file names in folders.

If instead you browse starting from Music -> [some tag field], you are browsing through the tag field database. In this case ALL is now the functional equivalent of "FOLDER", and your playback will be limited to just the folder you're currently in. You will NOT progress to the next folder when playing the last track of the current folder.

In other words, ALL is really "FOLDER" when you're in Music/tag browsing mode. This is not mentioned in the documentation, but is true.

ALL only works as "ALL" when you're in [Folders] mode, either from Browser or from Music.

The best default solution for me would be to use playlists ( despite playlist management being a pain in the a** with the J3 ). It requires to create a playlist for each album along with "best of" , "genre playlists" & "favorites playlists"...
I don't follow what you're getting at here, but do remember that the J3 does not support M3U playlists (which require MSC connection mode to the PC) that reference music files on both internal and external storage of the J3. M3U playlists can only reference music files on internal storage.

However PLA playlists (which require MTP connection mode to the PC) CAN refer to music files on both internal and external storage of the J3.

Is there a way to access via an icon or shortcut on the boot-Mainmenu to either [playlist] or [albums]?
Not with a shortcut on the main menu.

However you can get to either of those simply by starting from the Music icon on the main menu. The first time in that way, you'll see the category sub-list on which both [Playlists] and [Albums] will be available, as well as the other possible tag-based browsing categories.

If you've already been down into playing something when tap the Music icon on the main menu, you'll be restored right back into the Player presentation in the folder you were last at, essentially resuming the playing of that very track you were last playing.

And from this Music -> Player presentation, as I described earlier if you tap on the "lines" control at the left of the title bar you'll get the list-mode for that currently playing album. And you can then use the sub-controls at the bottom of the list-mode presentation to either (a) go back to the "root" or (b) pop back up one folder-level.
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