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Default And a theme?

Originally Posted by jbob182 View Post
It is not a simulator! If you read the articles the only simalarity it has is the gui.

?? He was just stating the facts.

He is absolutely correct, we have to limited hardware and too limited api's. We can not access parent directories from lua either.

Unless YOU want to rewrite the firmware and intergrate the drivers to have a linux kernel or windows on the player then there will never be another os for the player. Even if you did try to make it, you would need a very good understanding of the hardware and how to program firmware.

End of discussion, currently it is IMPOSSIBLE to make another os, or run one inside of lua. Another reason why it is impossible is that our lua version's dynamic libraries are disabled, if they weren't they we could potentially have the player do some cool tricks, but since it is not enabled we cant.
And what about a theme? Is it complicated???
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