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Help Dead battery... Help!

Hi guys i think i messed up my sansa the other day. i was trying to charge another 3.7 volt lithium ion batter with my sansa. bad idea. I pluged it inot the usb port fully disasembled. at first i put in the evil battery backwards and the whole thing turned off. i freaked and proceded to turn it back on and everything seemed good. It wouldnt charge the battery but i was like whatever. att eh time i tested the voltage of my freshly charged sansa battery and it was at a good 4.5 volts. i tested the eveil battery and it was at 3.5 volts. i put my sansa back together and lisened to some tunes before going to bed. I next day it was completely dead. I tried charging it for a few hours and it died every time I i took it out of the usb port. I briefly say the red "system shutdown battery drained" message and then it was no more. somtimes it said battery to low for use and then died. I put it in my computer for a really long time to come abck and find it was really hot and flahing funny lines and colors. I unpluged it and it still didnt work. The battery was at 1 volt today.

Help me people.

4.5 volts are on the leades when its plugged in so its trying to charge the battery.

did i somhow smoke the low battery circuit?? I figure my battery is toast. Should i get a new battery or will it jsut smoke that one too. i mean. 4.5 - 1 volt in 1 day without being used. and its supposed to go for 20 hours only getting to 3.5 at the minimum.

Did i criticly dammage some component in my sansa? should i jsut be carful and make sure i always turn it off?
i have desoldered/soldered fine pitch smt chips and componets b4. i could probably replace any component on the board except those 2 big chips that are ball grid arays. If one of those was toasted my player would probably be very very screwed so i dont think its one of them.

I guess i could always a cheap/broken one on ebay and fix it and put my flash chips in it.

Does anyone know where the low batery circuit is on the e280??

Any help on anything would be very much appreciated
This has been a very long post and i thank anyone who has read it for your thought.

thanks in advance
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I'd try buying a new battery from SanDisk.
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Most likely blown SMD fuse. See here.

A lithium-ion battery should be charged to 4.5 volts. Above 4.3 volts and the cell causes lithium metal plating on the anode. The cathode material becomes an oxidizing agent and loses stability and begins releases oxygen. This can cause the battery to heat up. This is typically why lithium-ion batteries have their high voltage protection circuit set to 4.3 volts for this reason. Continued usage of a battery in this condition could render it unstable if charged to such high voltages. If the internal temperature of the battery gets to high (194F), the temperature sensing circuit can initiate a mechanical pressure switch that will permanently cut-off the current path and prevent anymore charging.
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Default reg. dead battery..

Dear all,

Can i know where this SMD fuse is located and how it need to be handled/changed..if at all it is fried..
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Dear all,

thanks all for the postings..can i know where an SMD fuse is located and whether it can be changed if fried..
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