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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
Very similar to how the radio preset maintenance functions work.

First, you must browse down BY FOLDERS, not by ID3 tags. You can begin either by (a) Music -> [Folders] -> [J3] or [J3 Ext] and then navigate down through [Music], etc., or by (b) Browser and then again down until you get to the folder in which the file lives that you want to delete.

But you must get there by FOLDERS, so that the files appear with their extension visible. Browsing by ID3 tags suppresses the extension and you only see the file name.

Once you're at the folder, tap on the "X" icon on the bottom control bar. That "X" will be grayed out and unavailable if you navigate to that album folder by ID3 tag. But if the "X" is white and thus available (as it will be if you navigated by folders) when you tap it the "X" will change color from white to red, and all the other control icons down there will get grayed out.

With the "X" colored red, you're now in "delete mode".

Now tap on any file listed visibly in that folder. You'll get a popup with a circle and an X. The "X" is "cancel my delete request", if you change your mind and don't want to delete that file after all. But if you tap on the circle, you'll get a little spinning progress indicator icon, and then a few seconds later that spinning icon will disappear and the file will have been deleted. It's gone from the list of files in the folder you're looking at.

Continue with your maintenance, and when you're done deleting you once again tap on the red "X" at the bottom. It will once again return to white, and the other icons will also return from gray back to white.

If you want to delete files from more than one folder, after you finish with the first folder's maintenance you have to you first tap on the red "X" in order to re-enable the other navigation icons on that bottom bar. You then navigate using those icons to the next folder where you want to delete one or more files, and repeat the above process there. You can only delete files (using the red "X" method) in one folder at a time.
THANKS SO MUCH! now i understand why the X was greyed out!
dftk- thanks thats an interesting feature. Must try it out when i get the time
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