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Default A Lesson in Frustration


Thank you for all your help.

Just a quick note as to what I did, and perhaps I shall give a hypothesis as to why my ZNP no longer functions.
After loading the driver into my computer and the firmware into the ZNP, my computer was restarted just as the final
installation was about to begin. I think the restarting of my computer caused the ZNP to be trashed.

Trying to rectify the problem, I ran the firmware installation again with no positive results. Then I ran the Creative
Disk install, which also gave no positive results. Then I ran the firmware installation one more time where it began to
search for any devices connected to the system. Then it gave me an error message saying, “The device is not plugged into
the USB port”, even though the device is plugged into it.

I guess this is what I was afraid of all along, trashing the unit. It seems as though there is no hope for it now.
Perhaps I should have had a professional technician do this job.

The unit served me well, but since I am not finished with my project as of yet, I will see if I can get another one.
If you have one to sell let me know.

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