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Well, maybe one more time :-)

If I was you I would install the latest firmware version 1.14.03. This is an improvement over the older versions and is compatible with Windows 98se.

See this web page

You need to download both the driver and the firmware. As it says in the notes you do need the newer driver.
For Windows 98 SE only: Creative Mass Storage Driver or later, available from the Internet

I've looked on the net and cannot find the older firmware version 1.12.02 at all.

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Default A Zen Nano Plus Nightmare


I think you are right. As much as I hate to do it, I may have to upgrade to the latest firmware for this player.

I found a download for the 1.12.02 firmware version, for the Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen/Creative Jukebox Zen.
So I downloaded the software/firmware into my PC. I cannot believe Creative would give the same firmware version
name to two different models if they were not compatible. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that the firmware
is the same. How can this firmware be transferred to the ZNP? It may be possible, but I do not have the expertise
or the know-how to do it. See the webpage for yourself, it is:

Upon a further search, I found another website that has the firmware along with a picture of the NOMAD Jukebox Zen.
This website is: However, the website is all in
Italian, but the downloads are present.

Judging by all the horrible posts found here in these forums, I really think Creative Labs may have made a big blunder
by putting the ZNP on the market too soon because it has so many bugs in it. You can read the posts for yourself.

In my case, I am suffering from two bugs after formatting the ZNP. The pretty blue icon for the mp3s in the Encoded
tracks folder was lost and I cannot get it back, it is not in wmploc.dll or shell32.dll. It might be saved in my
external hard drive, but I doubt it. I also noticed that the record volume on the mp3 is very low. I do not know if
this is an indication of firmware corruption or not. Perhaps I should format the drive again in hopes that the firmware
will reset the drive but I am afraid it will be messed up even further.

I read somewhere that the player cannot be reset, and I read that once the upgrade is performed, that the previous
version cannot be reinstated. I read the notes for the upgrade. In step 4 it says: If you are prompted to reset your
player, click OK. Well, what does that mean? Does it mean that most of the time it will not prompt, and if OK is
clicked, does the player go back to its original form, which is what I want.

Since Creative Labs does not support the ZNP anymore, do you know of anyone, company or place that can reset my ZNP
back to its original form? I just cannot believe that it is not possible; and if not, I will be forced to update.
I am so upset over this, that I might as well buy a different recorder for my mp3s, or whatever.

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That's it I have lost patience with you! This is the last message ever on this subject. You being paranoid about this and are worrying over nothing.

ZNP 1.12.02 firmware had its faults - that why Creative spent serious amounts of money developing and releasing newer versions of firmware since then, the latest being 1.14.03.

Why on earth you want an inferior and out of date version of firmware is beyond me!

Firmware numbering is to industry standard, nothing unusual there. It quite clearly says on the link in my previous post Creative ZEN nano plus firmware 1.14.03

When installing this firmware the only option is to format data area, which you should select. No reset option is available.

Do not try to install any firmware that isn't for the Zen nano plus
. Forget about zen jukebox, it won't work and will ruin your player


Finally stop obsessing about the "pretty blue picture" it's only an icon. It won't stop the Zen from working.

Get over it
This has been going on for over 6 months, just load the new firmware and driver as per my previous post and enjoy your Zen.
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Default A Lesson in Frustration


Thank you for all your help.

Just a quick note as to what I did, and perhaps I shall give a hypothesis as to why my ZNP no longer functions.
After loading the driver into my computer and the firmware into the ZNP, my computer was restarted just as the final
installation was about to begin. I think the restarting of my computer caused the ZNP to be trashed.

Trying to rectify the problem, I ran the firmware installation again with no positive results. Then I ran the Creative
Disk install, which also gave no positive results. Then I ran the firmware installation one more time where it began to
search for any devices connected to the system. Then it gave me an error message saying, “The device is not plugged into
the USB port”, even though the device is plugged into it.

I guess this is what I was afraid of all along, trashing the unit. It seems as though there is no hope for it now.
Perhaps I should have had a professional technician do this job.

The unit served me well, but since I am not finished with my project as of yet, I will see if I can get another one.
If you have one to sell let me know.

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