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Originally Posted by selig5560 View Post
The Zune HD boasts HD Radio, but is it really HD? And how does it compare to the Cowon J3?

I've looked on Google, but did not get an objective answer


The HD radio stands for "Hybrid Digital", which means that it can support more radio channels as well as higher bit rates due to use of a digital signal. For the most part, only the larger cities have HD broadcasts (i.e., New York City), so otherwise you will most likely just be receiving analog radio. So yes, if you are in an area that has HD radio broadcast, the Zune HD's radio will most likely sound better (up to 300kB/s) than the J3's(I think is 96 kB/s, don't quote me on that, but how much better depends on how many streams the station has split the channel into.

*Disclaimer* I am not an expert.
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