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You're in the US. Look for the HARMAN K81DJ on Amazon. Same ones that dfkt mentioned just last years model. I don't think you can get them in black at a good price anymore. All of them I've found that are a variation of that name are the same headphones, just different names and colors. Unfortunately the cheaper ones are REALLY loud colors. I guess that's why they're the cheapest.

I've seen different models of that exact same headphone on Amazon for as little as $57 and as much as $140 depending on who the seller is and what time of day it is. Amazon is strange like that.

There was another person that was looking for something with pretty much the same charateristics you are. That thread's over here. From what he got I did a little more research into older but still new models. Like the K81DJ when this years model comes out lasts years is likely to be heavily discounted.

It seems that the sub $100 phones don't get a lot of respect around here so quality recommendations may take a while. I'd check back with things you find other places and see in anyone here has an opinion. Good Luck.
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