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Originally Posted by k5r2an View Post
I got my TF10's back when they had that $99 sale on Amazon and they just recently broke. The plug has to be angled a certain way for music to play, but nothing seems to be wrong with the earphones themselves. I read on head-fi a while back that custom-molding the TF10's significantly changed the sound signature as the custom-molding is not the intended housing for the drivers, thus, sound quality will not be as good from the custom-molded TF10's as the sound quality from the universal fit TF10's. Can anyone refute this claim? Should I go ahead and custom-mold my TF10's?
the majority of users who converted a universal into a custom tend to agree that the sound did improve slightly. though it really depends on a lot of factors such as fit, the condition of the components after the conversion, and how well the frequency range was matched to the original.
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