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Originally Posted by CDMP3PlayerFan View Post
My understanding is that a factor in the battery life is the number of times it has been recharged, with lithium-ion batteries good for about 500 recharges. Based on that figure, if you charge it once a day the battery is good for about 16 months. Also, per Wikipedia ( temperature can be a factor in the life of the battery.

I recently had to replace my ebook reader (a Sony PRS-505) due to the battery wearing out. After about 2 years of regular use the battery life had dropped to less than 1 hour of use on a charge.
Slightly off-topic, but I find this quite dispiriting.

An older A series of mine with bluetooth lasted less than 2 years before the battery died. I don't think 16 months or 2 years is acceptable for a device particularly when you're paying a hell of a lot of money for it (don't know if the much cheaper E series has the same problem).

Is this battery life issue more prevalent with Sonys? Because I read plenty of posts by people who are still using their older Cowon i7s, Creative Zen Visions and Sansas with no battery problems.

My new Sony has a battery care setting whereby it charges to just 90% each time, theoretically prolonging the battery life. I use that, and rotate between using my Clip+, my phone and the Sony, so hopefully the battery will last a while.

At least the X and the A have screws on the back meaning a battery swap shouldn't be impossible.
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