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Actually, I like RE2 better than RE1 due to the issues evilevo points out. The thing with RE1 is that it is insatiable. It would seem to do 'better and better' with greater amplification and higher volumes. I certainly dislike IEMs like that. It's better to protect one's ears by listening at sane volumes than trying to squeeze the maximum out of an IEM. I ran them out of a desktop amp (Maverick D1, which is my big mistake like evilevo's RE1 ) and used the EQ on foobar. That's the only combo RE1 seemed to like. It's not that Clip+ is incapable of running RE1 to louder levels. But, RE1 seemed does better with an amp. In many ways, it's a 'desktop IEM', if it makes any sense.

I had them on loan, so did not do the foam mod. Even with the foam mod, I wonder how much treble they would have when pitted against RE0.

With RE2, have you tried EQ and a cheaper amp like E5? RE2 is again deficient in bass and the treble is a tad rolled off. I posted this in an Indian forum when I had RE2 on loan.

RE0 is dry, thin and analytical. RE0 would do better with an amp, but it does not demand an amp like RE1. I find RE-ZERO to be a better alternative, though it seems that you can only get the balanced plug + adapter combo from head-direct. With HM-602 (or 601?), they bundled a free RE-ZERO with TRS plug, which I managed to get. RE-ZERO is not exactly RE0 + bass - some treble. To my ears, they seem a little better. My out of the box comparison was posted here.

If you are after details, go for RE0 or RE-ZERO, though you could also look at PFE, if your budget allows it. If only RE-252 had a housing that was not meant to torture your ears and had a cable which was slightly better than something snapped out of a $5 ear bud, I'd have recommended 252 (used). Over a long session, 252 can sometimes be boring, but never as dry as RE0.
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