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Originally Posted by FallenArms3 View Post
Let's see if I can remember this correctly... It's got an ARM11, an ARM8, dedicated video core, dedicated audio core, dedicated image input core (unused on Zune :[), dedicated 2D graphics core, and a few others I believe...

Yeah, Tegra's got a lot on it for sure. Tegra 2 is even better. But they don't seem to have a very high adoption rate. The HD was sort of a flagship Tegra device, but it ended up being one of the only ones I've heard of.
The Kin's had it but of course they died. Actually they used an ARM9 because the ARM8 never existed past the form of a prototype. The Tegra 2 has 8 of those GPUs but they are basing it on the GeForce 9 instead of 6.
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