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thanks for the update dfkt!

I finally went through all the settings/guides and tried using rockbox as my default player. Unfortunately there were two serious problems that have made me go back to archos' player -

Firstly i can't quite "get" the playing now screen. In the default cabbie theme the buttons appear and dissappear and don't seem to always work as expected (plus i thought it looked pretty bad). I prefer the failsafe theme, however none of the buttons are visible at all (I noticed the same now playing view and issues with your theme too dfkt). I do like the simplicity of the failsafe theme, but the invisible buttons made the whole now playing screen a bit annoying. Am i missing something here? i had read something about grid vs regular touch but not sure how that might apply to this situation.

Secondly, I don't have the database activated and was preferring to use the folder view. However when the music finishes on the last file in a folder and i browse to another music file to start playing, it appears to play but no sound comes through. Sometimes there is a split second of sound. Occasionally i can see the the peak bars moving in the nowplaying screen but most of the time they sit flat (despite the play button showing in the status bar and the widget showing that a file is being played). I havent checked if its something to do with the setting related to rockbox's behaviour when it reaches the end of a list yet though. This happens very often and so far the only way i've figured out how to recover sound is to kill all apps with the sytem monitor app or by rebooting.

Apart from that (hope that i don't come across all negative here) but rockbox shows a lot of promise. Apart from the pretty basic issues i was having, the only preference i would have is for the context menus to be android styled (like with the database warning message) rather than embedded within rock box and for the android status bar to be made visible - slightly androidified rockbox? The graphical eq doesn't seem to work either but thats not the end of the world. Also, all of my album artwork is embedded in the id tags and don't show up either but again that's not too serious. I really like the two widgets, the simplistic layout and themes and all the possible options. All in all a very interesting project,

thanks again for sharing DFKT
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