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Old 02-20-2011, 08:14 AM
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I second jupitreas' recommendation for the AKG. I was going to recommend the AKG K518LE, since they are relatively cheap and sound great for the price, but I saw that jupitreas had already mentioned them. They are quite bassy, but if you remove the extra foam inserts from the cups they become much more balanced with nice mids and highs. You won't need he bassboost with these headphones as bass is strong already.
They are available in 7 different colors:

They are a bit plasticky, but quite durable as they are designed for DJing. There is also a model with a longer cord - the K518DJ. This one is all black. I think it looks the nicest, but the long cord doesn't work well for portable use. But you can always make it shorter yourself if you are handy with a soldering iron and stuff like that.

The K518LE are foldable and come with a pouch, so when you are finished listening, you can fold them up like this:

For a budget closed headphone, I think the K518LE are the best bang for the buck.

The downsides may be that they can clamp quite tightly. But if you strech them out over a stack of books or CD's for a day or so, the clamp should become a bit weaker. And again, remember to remove the extra foam insert in the earcups. Just pull it out. With them, the sound is VERY bassy and muddy. Without them, it is still bassy, but much more balanced.

I have bought the Sennheiser HD25 1:II for me and the K518LE for my wife. The Sennheisers cost 3 times as much, but they definitively do not sound 3 times better. The Sennheisers are more refined and the bass is more controlled, but other than that, the K518LE can surely keep up.

So I vote the K518LE. And any of jupitreas suggestions will beat any Skullcandy hands down. You cannot go wrong with eiter Grados 60i, Koss PortaPro or any Sennheiser phones.

If you are interested in ordinary earbuds, i.e. not IEMs, the Yuin PK3 is great. You can find them for around $40. But if you have to choose between the PK3 and the K518LE, I'd say "go for the K518LE".
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