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Originally Posted by JxK View Post
Does anyone have a good working definition for "texture"? I've heard the word used quite a bit around here and headfi, and never truly got what it meant. Same with "layered" sound. Thoughts?
There is a wiki definition for "texture" here which is most probable what is being referenced but I like the definition here better, even though I doubt it's what anyone refers to when they use the word "texture."

I didn’t find anything good on “layered” sound, I always thought of it in terms of the art of recording/mixing; layering the sound tracks to get a better sound. I did find this which refers to “how many layers of sound there are in the composition and what the relationships of those sounds to each other are.” So it’s possible that people use it to describe how well their headphones/iem’s allow them to notice the layers.

* I haven't added till we can get a consensus

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