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Default Crossfade in slide-show

I've set up some slide shows on my J3 and use the crossfade transition to fade titles in and out, but the J3's crossfade doesn't work quite right. I expect it to go from 100%/0% -> 0%/100% between adjacent images; in other words the sum of percentages of the two images should be 100%. If you were to do a crossfade between two identical images, you shouldn't see any dimming of the displayed image.

However, it appears that the J3 does the following (the intermediate amounts are estimates):

100%/0% -> 50%/0% -> 0%/50% -> 0%/100%

so you see a distinct dimming of the displayed image during the transition. Can anyone confirm this observation? I'll submit this to the Cowon Q&A but I'm not certain that is the right place to ask this question.
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