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Default Audio Books on the D2+


I recently purchased a D2+ and have gotten to know it pretty good until I put an audio book on it. The issue is that I downloaded and transferred the book using my library's software. It did not give me an option of what folder to put it into. So right now I can not find it on the D2+ and I'm pretty sure I looked everywhere using jetaudio media center. Is there a search function in the media center? I know it must be on there somewhere because my storage percent went up. I realize now that I could have just done the transfer myself as with music and video but if someone can help with where the files are now or how I can get the D2+ to recognize it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Ok well...I got that figured out. I found the files using My Computer and figured out the library's software to where I can designate where I want to put the files.

Now my problem is that the files won't play. The audio book is .wma format and the D2+ can play those. But when I try to play them nothing happens. Should not be a license issue because I transferred the files using the library software on my home computer. Does it matter what folder I put them in? Right now I have the audio book in the Music folder.
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Get a free software called "Any Audio Cinverter" and convert them from .wma to .mp3 and they will play.

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Besides bumping an ancient thread where the original poster didn't come back ever since... Instead of some crappy payware scam apps (which we censor on the forums), just use Foobar2000 for converting - it's far superior to those Chinese apps, and free software.
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My 2 cents.. I was having the same exact problem. The first format I used(which didn't work) was WMA pro. Once ripped it has the same exact file extension as regular WMA. I deleted the files and ripped again with just plain old WMA and it works fine. Just don't use WMA pro. I don't even know what makes it different than the normal one.
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If you're transferring a WMA library book from NET LIBRARY you must play it first on your computer (WMP, etc.) to obtain the license! It will not play on your device otherwise; I believe there's also an MSC vs. MTP protocol issue as well.

They do play on D2's, although they expire at the end of the loan period (mp3's and Overdrive WMA's do not).
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