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Old 02-16-2011, 04:20 AM
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From what I have read about the PK1, they seem to be quite a bit better than the PK2. However, the 150ohm thing keeps me from getting them. For me the PK2 sounds great for portable use. In the link you posted, one of the people commenting wrote that he preferred the PK3 to the PK2, and that the PK3 sounds like a more unrefined version of the PK1. For me it is difficult to listen to the PK3 after buying the PK2, so people's tastes are different...

I have tried to keep out of the portable headphone amp business (well, except for getting cheap Fiio E5 amps for bass boost). Good luck in delving in to that jungle!

EDIT: For a portable headphone amp that is truly portable and more than just a bass boost (such as the Fiio E5), perhaps you could look at the iBasso T3?

The Blox TM5 seems more and more interesting all the time. But very rare. Apparently, they are made in very small batches at a time, so getting one is difficult.

Another person commenting on the headfonia review had some interesting views, considering that he owns all of the high end earbuds:
"I own Yuin PK-1, OK1, Sennheiser MX980 and Blox TM5 2nd batch.
I can say that the best are MX980 because they really sounds as big cans.
TM5 bass is not as good as the one in the review. They are only more 'bass biased' than MX980 and PK-1 with deafult signature but if you plug an equalizer and crank up the bass only the MX980 really sound good."
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