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One more note...

If you do put the physical track number at the front of the external file name for your music files, and you have more than one album for an artist, and you tap [All Tracks] to play all tracks from all albums for that artist, since the J3 will present an alphabetical list of track names from all albums you will see a strange sequence:

01 - AAA track name (lowest alphabetical sequence of 1st tracks)
01 - BBB track name (second lowest alphabetical sequence of 1st tracks)
02 - AAA track name (lowest alphabetical sequence of 2nd tracks)
02 - BBB track name (second lowest alphabetical sequence of 2nd tracks)

etc. Personally, I can't see how this can be at all useful or desirable, if I'm wanting to play all tracks by an artist.

On the other hand, if you do NOT put external track numbers at the start of your external file names, then "alphabetical sequence" (e.g. from [All Tracks]) will truly and genuinely be alphabetical sequence of all tracks from all albums by that artist.

My own system: I do NOT put track numbers anywhere in the external file names of my collection. I only put n/m track numbers in tags.

I also manually move "The" to the end of artist name and track name (following a comma), both in the tag fields and also in the external file names. This also carries forward into folder names, for both artist and album.

This actually all happens automatically when I create my music files using Audiograbber, since I pre-edit any information retrieved automatically by Audiograbber from FreeDB before actually beginning the rip/encode/tag process.
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