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Default [KICKER] 1 Dragon 1 Moon

This wallpaper features the same moon as the famous 3 wolves 1 moon tee-shirt, but ditches the wolves for a dragon. That's right a G.D. DRAGON! If you miss the wolves you are a loser, seriously who do you have in a fight 3 sissy wolves or a giant fire breathing serpent?! The word zune is spelled out mysteriously in the dragons coils. To show how awesome Kicker is their logo is at the center of the dragon’s flame. Kicker has got to be pretty awesome to survive dragon fire, that's like 50 billion degrees! The kicker logo could probably take out 7 wolves with lasers mounted on their heads.
When you use this wallpaper People will know your a total bad A** but it will also show the ladies your intellectual side. It is hand drawn on lined notebook paper and not just any paper, it’s COLLEGE RULE! That’s some serious MENSA Stuff right there.
There is also a pen and ink version so you brooding emo hipsters can rock it on your all black Zunes. With this wallpaper you might actually get a girlfriend.


Pure Awesome
Dragon pwns wolves
Also makes a great chest tattoo

Chuck Norris not featured on wall paper
Would look better if blown up to the size of a football field

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This one is made of the most epic grade of pure win. Almost makes me forget about the lack of Chuck Norris or dolphins with rainbows in it.
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I am in awe. Breathtaking stuff (description included). Way to flip the script!
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You got my vote

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