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Originally Posted by Sonicxxplosive View Post
Do you have any idea what the amp the Creative Zen Visiom M is seeing as that is the HDD player im most likely to get unless you can sway me of course
I have the ZVM and although I can not answer you specific question, I can give you some examples.

Using the same tune under the same conditions and with the noise capped EU firmware as opposed to the higher output ( according to most users) US firmware.

Senn HD 280 pro (64 ohm), volume at 22 from 25

Grado SR60, 32 ohm, open backed 23 or 24 from 25

Senn CX300, 16 ohm closed Inner Ear Monitor, 15 to 17 from 25.

In addition, both my lads regularly use HD280s with an MSI 540 and and Archos 40gb large screen mp4 player.

The only portable we have had problems with is a Tevion CD/mp3 player that distorted when asked to drive either the HD280s or the Grado SR60s

Search the threads if you have any questions about firmware as I am not an expert, ZenChick is the most knowledgeable person on these matters and indeed on a lot of computer software and hardware matters.

One the Senn HD280, the reason why I post 64 ohm is that because they are semi-pro gear they are made in two versions, a 64 ohm version for regular usage and a 300 ohm version for use with direct outputs from studio mixing desks and the like. Make sure you get the correct version
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