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Originally Posted by Progweed View Post

Could you explain this? If you have one single jpg per folder it will take much less space than an image that is redundantly embedded into each and every file.
True, but there are some of us that have a single library of .mp3s with embedded art and an additional folder.jpg included so that AA shows in Rockbox. Eliminating that additional folder.jpg is where the space saving comes in.

As an example, I have a couple of Sony players that don't show AA when it's as folder or cover.jpg. Neither does my Fuze in the OF. Trying to maintain multiple .mp3 libraries with one having embedded AA and one not is a real PIA. Now I can go through and dump all the folder.jpgs and the AA will show on every player.

I agree that the greatest savings in space would be if .folder/.cover.jpg was honored across the board. A single .jpeg would take up considerably less space than embedding. However since it's not in my case I'll take the savings I can get from this.
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