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Originally Posted by greencoffeeman View Post
i've got the same problem (and i wouldnt use winamp anymore, either - i tried for a half year).
If you were trying to work with Winamp and your J3 while in MTP mode, I can probably sympathize with your difficulties. You haven't described what your problems were over half a year of trying, but if it was based on an MTP connection to the J3 then I would expect problems.

Winamp will work perfectly if the removable device is in MSC mode.

Also, Winamp does not create PLA playlists, which are implicitly part of MTP connections architecture. It only creates M3U playlists, which are designed to work with MSC connections... although they have been reported to somehow "work" for some users even in MTP mode. My own experience proves otherwise.

In any case, Winamp and MTP mode is not a good combination. Winamp and MSC mode is the recommended approach.

i found this link that you might need to change the usb -mode.
i tested it .. it will create a pla playlist ..

How do I use playlists?

If you are using MTP mode just create them using whatever your favourite media player is and synch them over just as you would with regular music.
I don't know what this thread describes, because honestly I haven't read it. It deals with the S9, not the J3.

Also it is one of MANY MANY threads on playlists, of which the relevant ones for me deal with the J3... and problems regarding referencing music files on the external card vs. referencing music files on internal storage. The S9 only has internal storage, and the Cowon firmware for the J3 currently does NOT support referencing music files on the external card if you are in MSC mode and trying to use M3U playlists.

But you are correct, if you are in MTP mode and create PLA playlists somehow (but not with Winamp, I confirm) and you use Windows Explorer to create those PLA playlists, then you WILL be able to reference music files on both internal and external storage.

I experimented with Media Monkey briefly (I do not use it normally) and MTP/PLA, and discovered that it too only places music files on internal storage of the J3 and thus does not create PLA playlists that reference music on external storage of the J3.

===> The ONLY reliable method for (a) connecting in MTP, (b) copying music files to internal and external storage of the J3, and then (c) creating or maintaining PLA playlists that reference music files on both internal and external storage of the J3, is by using Windows Explorer. Period.

Note that MTP connections expose other bugs in current Cowon firmware for the J3: (1) if music files are transferred to the J3 while in MTP mode, imbedded art in tags will NOT be detected; (2) if OGG music files are transferred to the J3 while in MTP mode, their tags will simply not be analyzed at all so these tracks will not be available using the Music tag browsing method, but can only be accessed using the Browser -> [Folders] method.
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