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Default Good writeup on audio formats?

I found this article online, and I was gonna use it for reference for a project, but i wanted to make sure its accurate, anyone wanna read over it?
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In general, I wouldn't want to cite an article written by a 17-year old who implies that he quoted Wikipedia.

In specific, the grammar and spelling are very poor. His assertion that digital data is necessarily poorer quality than analog is debatable. His explanation of the codecs is incomplete. And billed as an introduction for newbies, the article is full of jargon that would confuse more than enlighten.

So no, I would not quote or cite this article for any purpose because the author's lack of credibility is glaringly obvious. Here are a few links that might better suit you:

You'd also be well served scrolling to the bottom of the respective Wikipedia pages and taking a look at the works cited and external links.
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^ Agreed. Tertioari's sources are more useful.

Not to be overly harsh - there is some good, basic info in the original article. But yes, the writing could use some work, many of the explanations are incomplete and I too would not necessarily quote the original article for use in any significant project.

Consider browsing through as well.
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Thread title (original 'Found this Online') changed - please use topic titles that aren't stupid.

The guy wrote "extentions" in the headline... nuff said. I didn't read anything after that.

EDIT: Well, I did read a bit more. MP3 is not packed in a container, it's just a codec - and that's in the first paragraph. So I go out on a limb and would say that the whole writeup is garbage, written by someone who has absolutely no clue at all about the subject.
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Guess he never heard of spell check and I agree with all it's garbage ...

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