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Default ?s About The Raised Glass Problem

Still trying to pull the trigger on this player. I have read many reviews and impressions on numerous sites. Inevitably, on almost all occasions, I have come to a post where someone has had the problem with the glass on the player being raised. Some instances of this Originally, I thought it was a matter of several people getting players from a bad batch, but people have said that this problem existed with some of the S9s as well. Is this a design flaw of these players or Cowon being irresponsible with product assembly and or materials used or what?

At the prices they sell their players for, no one should be having this sort of problem with the player. If this is a matter of a bad batch, I can forgive that - but the thought that this might just be shoddy production is causing me to hesitate buying this..

Several people have said that the glass is unreliably held in place with double-sided tape. Is it common for a PMP player's glass to be secured in this manner?

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I am not sure but in case you get a J3 with the raised glass couldn't you just RMA it? I bought a Cowon J3 in December and have had no problems with it so far, though I was as worried as you because it took more than 14 days for it to arrive at my door so I personally believe that it just was a matter of a bad batch though I can't prove it.
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