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Default Jetmall website redesigned????

i recently went on the jetmall website ( and found that the entire site was changed. Also, i saw that the "special deals" tab was removed. This is very annoying, as i was going to purchase a cowon j3 with a free case at their website, but i cannot find it anymore, even if i try to search it on google. could anybody help me?? or is that catagory permanatly removed?
btw im not sure if this is the right place for this thread (prob isnt) but im not sure where to put it. could one of the admins move it to the right place for me?
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It's about time they updated, not impressed with the new look, maybe they're not finished with updates. Although I'm not sure if they'll bring back those deals or not but it looks like they've partnered with amazon even more, so you'll probably find some deals there when they run them.

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redesigned? I'd say dumbed down neutered to a simple sales site redirecting to amazon.
why are they even paying for the domain. it was kinda crap before (although they had some bundles) and now it's even more pointless. why not merge with jetaudio/ it's kind of the same with cowon germany, but at least you "get" "it". it's just a site to display the products.
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ok thanks. I guess ill just have to cross my fingers and wait. If i cant get the deal soon, ill just have to look for a different case. I also agree that the new design is way to simple, plain, and ugly. Even the old one was slightly better
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