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thanks for your inputs guys... as for me, there is a noticable drop in battery performance when ever since I switched to the 2.53 firmware... Ive been reading forums and it seems everyone finds that the 2.53 drains more battery power compared to 2.52...

On the other hand, refering to the officiall spec sheet in the cowon website, the 55hour test conditions were with

"128kbps MP3, screen always off,switch hold, EQ normal, volume 15, and with bundled earphones"

and when i did my battery test the conditions were
-mostly (close to almost all) 320kbps MP3s
-screen off after 5secs
-"regular" usage of touchscreen to navigate and change songs
-32ohms impedance IEMs

and so if my logic is correct, just by comparing from the bitrates, 320kbps is 2.5times greater than 128kbps, so therefore the battery life with 320kbps should be 55 divide 2.5 which is 22 hours??
also considering the fact that a turned on screen and touch gestures do drain even more battery power, so 18 hours is reasonable? could this be said?

also, i wouldnt say that i have any clear sign of a failing battery, cuz ive also had around 18 hours only when i first bought my S9. and actually sending my unit for an exchange will cost me as I bought my S9 from amazon UK, but i stay in Malaysia. So its gonna cost me shipping fees and custom taxes to there and back. unless the exchange is worth it all. :S

whats your advice on this one guys?

also, I found an interesting read on how to charge lithium based batteries, which accounts for lithium-ion or lithium polymer (used in S9) batteries.
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