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... So anyways, I think I'm leaning toward the 7. I think the extra inches will be nice for subtitled videos, reading emails and stuff, and just navigating the resistive screen in general. i also heard the 5 has problems with overheating when web browsing, but have yet to hear such things about the 7. it seems easy to believe that a more compact unit with more features like GPS and 3G crammed into it would have heat issues, whereas the larger, possibly slower model wouldnt be so stuffed and prone to overheating. I had been planning on getting one of those folding leather protective cases for it, but now i'm wondering if it would possibly prevent proper ventilation and cause heat issues, since they're designed to be used while in the case.

this sub-forum seems to be pretty dead, but if anyone stumbles on this, I'd love to get some other opinions. especially from someone with experience with the 7.
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