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It looks like the Zii Egg, and hopes of a consumer version (the Creative Zii?) are dead. Which is really too bad, because I would totally buy a consumer model if one came out.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted the Creative Zii to come out was because it looked like a device that could easily go head to head with the iPod Touch (at least at the time). Especially right now, there's no device that can match the iPod Touch (the Zune HD is extremely outdated compared to the 4G Touch, and the Sony X series Walkman is both outdated and not competitively priced).

Right now, as much as a dislike Apple in many regards, I have no choice but to buy a 4G iPod Touch. Every other similar competing device is inferior and can't even begin to compare to the iPod Touch 4G.

Not just Creative, but in general, I wish more companies would make devices that can be competitive and go head to head with the iPod Touch. Because right now, it feels like at least regarding the iPod Touch, Apple has a monopoly going. Non of the competing devices are even close to being attractive compared to the Touch. And until that competitive device shows up, Apple will continue to get my money.

I had hopes the consumer version of the Zii Egg would be that device, but it's looking like that's not the case.
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