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Default Charging & Sound at the Same Time w/ Cowon D2+

Is there anyway to charge/power the Cowon D2+ while listening to music simultaneously? I've just about got everything perfect with it except that. I'd love to be able to leave it charging while listening to music at the same time while I'm driving around in my car. Thanks.
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Does the wall charger not allow you to do this? I know it didn't come with the D2+ but it did come with the D2 and you should be able to get one on
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If you are plugging it from the wall charger, just press the menu button. Not sure about the USB port though, I don't think it works.
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It only works with the charger plugged into the small micro-USB port, as far as I remember. Doesn't work with a charger plugged into the regular USB port.
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This is really a bummer for those of us with AV receivers with USB input sources.
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