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Originally Posted by Adub View Post
Well to be fair the DS also dominated the psp thoroughly in sales and had no gimmick or special feature, just a load of great software.
The DS was almost all gimmick and special features when it came out

The PSP was a first attempt by a company that had never been on the scene before, and I am quite surprised it made it this far... It was terribly bland and actually didn't make a whole lot of sense. I mean offering PS2 style graphics and games with the control scheme of a game gear was pretty retarded, a problem that most people pointed out to Sony since day one, took them awhile to make a change but at least they did, eventually.

Anyway, I think the DS is great, but I think its great that the NGP is going to give platforms like the iPhone/iPad a run for their money in the "HD" portable gaming segment or whatever you wanna call it. Nintendo can keep doing what it wants untill it stops making them money, and I'll be waiting for them to come out with the next big thing, just let it be something other then 3D >_<

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