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I've had my Archos 43 for 2 days now and I love it. I have an Ipod Touch, gen 3, so I can compare them. The A43 with it's bigger and better screen is far better for watching videos. It also seems to get a lot more battery life. And I don't have to convert the videos.

Web browsing is also easier on the A43, again because of the screen size. The touch screen is harder to use and less reliable but it's okay; better than earlier Archos resistive touch screens but not nearly as good as the Itouch. But the larger screen more than makes up for that while web browsing.

So far the quality of the apps I've tried has been okay, although this is another area where the Itouch wins. I've found a free audiobook app and a free ereader app that are excellent and those are important to me.

Basically I'm glad I got it. It's better than I hoped it would be. I don't know if it'll replace my Itouch or not, but it might.

I had been saving for an Ipad and it was taking me too long and I got tired of waiting so I decided to get an Archos 70. I wasn't able to find one so I got the A43 instead. I think I still want a larger screen device but this is nice in the meantime and now I won't mind waiting a few more months while I save for one. Not sure yet if that'll be a larger Archos or an Ipad.

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