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Originally Posted by MCMXVI View Post
Although a tiny bit 'artificial', this setting is like comparing SD to HD in the tv-world.
Very apt analogy.

Just one personal note on this EQ... while listening to music through headphones it's great. Only one "layer" of EQ.

But when my J3 is in use in my car, connected from the headphone jack to the 3.5mm AUX input of the car's audio system, it is overkill and has to be turned off. In fact, I go back to "normal" with no BBE assist, without even the standard minimalist "BBE" preset.

In other words, I've got the car system's own tone controls (EQ functionality in the head-unit, very nice Harman-Kardon MBZ multi-speaker system) set to produce excellent sound from CDs. Adding any "second layer of EQ" from the J3 running MDWright1032 or any BBE-enhancements at all overdoes the tonal boosts.

The J3 with plain ordinary "normal" (i.e. "off") set for BBE, seems to be the best "line-level un-boosted flat" source input for my car's audio system as I've got it tweaked.

Speaks to the quality of the J3's native audio output.
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