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That is not what I experience in actual use. Had the same problem with a Sony E series player... As the impedance goes up volume goes down and frequency response sounds very different (to harsh at 1k). Theoretically I know that it should be easier to drive a higher impedance load, there are huge improvements in going from a 600ohm terminated system to a 10K unterminated system in balanced audio and those include a large drop in power draw. But what I hear going between a low impedance and higher impedance device connection is definitely not good. This is a problem I never had with my old Jukebox player, it was happy driving just about any load. The 43 is better than the E series Sony, but I think it still lacks the output amps that it should have. Part of this may be the desire to run on a single Lipo battery and there isn't much that can be done with this voltage.
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